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and investigation to testing and engineering.
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Geotechnical Engineering
& Consulting
Foundation Engineering
& Consulting
Materials Testing
& Inspection
Because we are locally based, our service delivery is quick, efficient and more affordable than corporate firms.  We know the area, the people, and  we take pride in being a home-grown, Louisiana business. 

As a thriving, local business, our opinion is respected because we have built our
reputation on solid quality assurance and irrefutable testing results. 

SITE Engineering… because one test is worth more than a thousand expert opinions.

SITE Engineering Inc

. is an independent, licensed, engineering firm providing

Geotechnical Investigations


Foundation Engineering



, and

Quality Control Testing

and Inspection services.  Located in




, our quality management system and testing facility are

R18 accredited

by the

AASHTO Accreditation Program

(AAP).  From the brightest civil engineers of today to field technicians and inspectors with over 30 years of experience, our staff is qualified by rigorous internal training and independent certification programs to ensure delivery of quality professional services. 

Our company brochure is available here.
Comprehensive Subsurface Explorations
State-of-the-Art Laboratory and Testing
Cost Effective Design Solutions
All-terrain Drilling and Sampling Equipment
Deep and Shallow Foundation Design
Post-tensioned and Conventional Reinforcement
Construction Phase Consulting
Structural Failure Cause and Analysis
AASHTO R18 Accredited Field and Laboratory Testing
Concrete, Soil and Aggregate Analysis
Asphalt and Pavement Systems
Sprayed Fire-Resistive Materials
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